People shy + lover of dance music = internal struggle

There’s this view that somehow if you’re into dance music or any sort of music that embodies alcohol-induced, ecstasy driven sort of beat that you are automatically marked as that person who’s a heavy-partier (or maybe I’m wrong about this). Lo and behold, I will gladly announce that I love the genre, yet you won’t see me hopping around much in the concert venues, Instead, I’m that girl you’ll see out and about with her headphones on full blast dancing a bit, perhaps lip-syncing to add some color, just minding her own business. Yes, I’m probably missing out in enjoying the “full experience” of what electronic dance music can offer. Just watch Dillon Francis’ recently released NSFW music video “Not Butter” below, which I think is absolutely fantastic and pretty darn hilarious as he pokes fun at the industry’s marketing strategy taken to the extreme.

Anyways, where was I? On yeah the main problem that I face, and I’m guessing more people face this same dilemma as I do, is that I get absolutely petrified when I’m surrounded by massive amount of strangers. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately (? depends on who you ask), I am an introvert and on top of that a shy person who is happy as a clam when not bothered by a lot of people. It would be nice if I can go with someone, but this also is not usually the case. So how do I overcome this fear of being with strangers? I have no idea, I would be more than happy to receive recommendations. But for now, in the comfort of my home and work, I will carry on.


One thought on “People shy + lover of dance music = internal struggle

  1. Please. Go. And. Experience. A. Concert.

    Take this from me, I seasoned festival goer. The real love and passion for EDM, comes from seeing it live. Seeing the DJ: mix, flood, filter, pitch, etc. (LIVE) is phenomenal. If you are introverted, it is no excuse not to go. You can literally go without saying a word to anyone because it is deafening within the depths of a rage stage. Not into huge festivals? go to a club. Many nightclubs have headliners in every major city. I urge you to check out the scene if you are really into the music. P.L.U.R ❤

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