Paris days

So to kick off July 4th weekend, I was able to finally check out a French movie I’ve been wanting to see, “Eden” (watch the trailer). I’m not going to go into much details here, but, overall, I thought the film did a great job in capturing the history of French electronic music scene, specifically in this case garage/house, from the early ’90s to present day through the eyes of the main character, Paul. Some scene transitions could have been smoother and there were times where dialogue deliveries were awkward, but again, the wide array of music that was featured in the film was able to tie everything together in the end. It also resonated with me personally because I was first introduced to house music when I was briefly studying in Paris in my college days. And, of course, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of sleepless nights in Paris dancing away and I couldn’t help myself reminiscing while watching the film. Since Daft Punk was featured prominently in the film, here’s one of my old favorites (was also in the film) from them to call it a night!


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