Currently on repeat – “I’m in Love” by Noonie Bao (Coucheron remix)

I’ve been digging Scandinavian music scene for a while now, but man, I’m always amazed with the infectious nature of what these people end of producing. Is there something in the water over there? Maybe it’s the unforgiving and frigid climate that unleashes such creativity (I’m a firm believer of the effect of weather on the human psyche). Noonie Bao, who is featured in “All This Love” track in fellow Swede Alesso‘s newest album “Forever“, has caught my attention in recent days. Her newest single “I’m in Love” is excellent in itself, but the remix by Coucheron (who is Norwegian) makes it even more rapturous. Her sweet vocals are interspersed by a staccato of electronic beats that gradually amplifies and captures the feelings that one experiences in the process of falling in love and the frustration that often comes with it.

Here are more links for you to check out Noonie Bao online:


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