Summer heat

I’ve never been a summer person, my favorite seasons being fall and winter. I can withstand heat since most of my childhood years were spent in Arizona, but I’ll never get used to humidity and DC, where I currently work and live, becomes unpleasant to put it mildly from May to September. To keep me from losing my mind completely, I’m semi-permanently attached to my earphones (I love my Panasonic headphones, but they are better suited for winter as they also act like earmuffs) most of the day unless I’m obligated to talk to people. Surprisingly enough, I tend to work a lot better when I listen to loud, thumping music as it effectively drowns out meaningless chatters that might otherwise distract me. It’s like getting into a state of Zen, but not in utter silence. I used to listen to the below R3hab & Ummet Ozcan remix of Calvin Harris’ “Summer” over and over last summer (quite fitting) and I see why not for this time around. It’s a killer remix, period. Now I just need to soldier on until October comes around.


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