Pre-performance jitters

So tomorrow is the day where I’m going to be in front of strangers (well, mostly strangers) at a local café participating in a summer showcase hosted by a studio where I take lessons. The last time I was ever on stage was a good decade ago. At least with playing piano, I could sort of hide behind it and not make eye contact with the audience. And even then I would get all nervous, refusing to open my eyes until I felt comfortable enough to relax mentally. At tomorrow’s event, I’m actually singing, which — aside from my early stint in chorus classes back in middle school (those performances were always such a bore) and occasional dabbling in karaoke nights — is the first for me. I chose a fun, carefree song by Paramore titled “Still Into You”. I didn’t want to choose a song that was too serious. In that way, maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up enjoying the whole experience. Whatever is to come tomorrow evening, I just hope that I don’t make an utter fool out of myself. Who knows, perhaps I’ll have a drink or two beforehand.


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