Currently listening to Loreen – “We Got The Power”

One of the best ways to find new songs is by listening to radio streams. When I say radio in this context, I mean internet radio and not your traditional AM/FM radio stations. Although I do use Spotify to listen to my favorite artists on the go, another app that I use quite often is Pandora. But lately I’ve been itching for more and happened to download Monocle 24. I was pleasantly surprised that it played a 1-hour long mix of songs — either titled “The Atlantic Shift” or “The Pacific Shift” — after their various news segments, which are also I would say pretty good if you’re interested in global and cultural affairs. And from their excellent mixes compiled by their editorial team, I was introduced to Loreen who hails from my favorite Nordic country when it comes to music, Sweden. I never really paid too much attention to Eurovision considering I live across the pond, (I’m sure my European friends would crucify me for saying this) but she represented Sweden and ended up winning the 2012 contest with “Euphoria” written by Thomas G:son and Peter Boström. Although I liked the classical/pop crossover tune feel of “Euphoria,” I got immediately hooked on another song of hers, “We Got The Power,” which, needless to say, will be my anthem for today.

Check out Loreen on social media:


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