Love Letter (1995) – OST

Over the weekend I decided to rummage through my favorite movie soundtracks. July has been a pretty hectic and emotionally exhausting month and I’m more than happy that it’s finally August. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I’m not much of a summer person, so as the AC is constantly on in the background, I am already dreaming of winter. Maybe it’s because I’m a January-born, or maybe it’s because I love to look out my window and see a white, unending blanket of snow, or maybe it’s because I miss the smell of clear, crisp air in the middle of a starry, wintry night. Anyways, I digress, back to movie soundtracks. The soundtrack from an extremely popular Japanese movie “Love Letter” originally released in 1995 is exceptionally beautiful in its simplicity and purity. For me, one of the most definite ways to really get into a movie is how I respond to its soundtrack and its interaction with the overall cinematography. And this movie in its entirety exemplifies that full experience.


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